Videos Flamingo

Creative direction and branding for the videos of Flamingo collective.

The trade mark demand was a concept for the launch of the spring-summer collection, inspired by classical models and the history of the brand.

RCC premium shirt makers

Institutional video for a prestigious clothing brand. The concept of this video is to show the Portuguese tradition in the manufacture of high quality shirts. Dividing the video into three main categories, LEGACY - MAKING OF - LIVING, we show all evolution of the brand.


Promotional video made in partnership with the designer Markus Ley. Roundsquare collaboration with PAEZ, a brand that makes sneakers. Two different lifestyles with the same shoes.


Project created in partnership with Flamingo Collective for the brand Vogue. On the night of Fashion Night Out, we followed throughout the day four different personalities who have something to say about what Fashion means for them: a musician, a blogger, a photographer and a stylist.